Training to Advise Leadership

Section Four: Training 


Preparing for Change means learning what to expect and practicing that knowledge to be sure your training will be effective when the time comes to use it. Much what we suggest here is not training but advice about to to be effective at the time of the Event. Take it all seriously and be ready when the time is here.

Be inspired: We hope you will be inspired and learn here; and we hope you will take initiative become a leader in your own town, village, hamlet, city, county, state, or even country. We will encourage you to set up meetings for group meditation and to discuss these ideas and to encourage others to Prepare For Change.

Weekly Meetings: We recommend weekly meetings in person –or even by social media and conference-call networking. Anything and everything that works should be included. All sincere voices should be heard. Avoid power struggles within your group. Please follow our Protocols.

Role-play: Be sure to practice and role-play amongst yourselves. Test yourselves as to the nature of the content of your message and the purpse of our mission. Remember to prioritize the message. Present the Community Leaders Brief as you are comfortable with the contents. If you are not confident in the mission, or the package contents, perhaps this is not the group for you. We want LEADERS who are self assured and able to embody these Protocols when it counts.

Be Aware of Stress: Be aware when training or practicing your approach, that these leaders will be stressed and it may be difficult to even find them or get through the layers of security around these people. Use persuasion and be tactful. Any personal contacts within your group should be exploited –when it is possible, or feasible and practical to get near these individuals who control areas of the infrastructure we wish to contact. Always encourage them to maintain the status quo and be responsible leaders.

Approach in Groups: We will ask you to approach these leaders these authorities in positions of power in groups. Have a leader who knows the Protocols. This is probably most important. Hold a candle-light vigil, or some other peaceful non-threatening type of attention-grabbing action, if you are rebuffed. You can be creative but non-threatening, if you cannot get an official audience. Use the Renaissance Group or humor; and don’t be afraid to use an underling with access to the corridor of power. Be patient, be firm, be honest. Teach your group these principles and be your brother’s keeper. Watch over each other. Do not let emotions or self-importance rule your approach. Under your tutelage, responsible local leadership can refuse directives in the chain-of-command that violate our Protocols and are obviously against liberty and justice for all. You may or may not get through, but your efforts will help, nonetheless.

Take Your Message to the People: If all else fails take your message to the streets and the people. Speak on a soapbox use a megaphone but be kind and come from heart spaces of Love! You will succeed!

We Need Your Help

We know there will be many different cultures involved. So, this must be addressed when considering this body of information as well as the goal of worldwide dissemination. Please consider all these pages to be worthy for your suggestions. There are so many different political systems and hierarchies, we cannot possibly take them all into account at this time. Think of resources in your area.

  • Contribute Your Insights: We know there will be many different cultures involved. So, this must be addressed when considering this body of information as well as the goal of worldwide dissemination. Please consider all these pages to be worthy for your suggestions. There are so many different political systems and hierarchies, we cannot possibly take them all into account at this time.  We sincerely pray, and know that many of you have valuable and different perspectives to add to this work. We humbly ask you to submit your positive additions to our work. We have faith that this will be done by those who are called. We know many intelligent Light Workers the world over can do this. Is it you?
  • Truth Bank: With your help, this website will become a resource and a bank of truth that all may withdraw from for free. It will be backed by the gold of your pure alignment to the mighty word of your spirit source IAM within. Let your pure mind speak the whole truth; and let your loving thoughts be shared with us all. Please feel free to make your deposits anonymously or not. Our council will screen these additions for content to insure the ideas are in harmony with our protocol’s.
  • Comments / Questions: We realize that our effort here is not complete. We have a place here for comments. The “Comments” page will be screened for content. We will not tolerate trolls or haters here. Words of encouragement and of a positive nature will be allowed. Sincere queries and honest questions will be answered or directed to other sources for edification. Please keep your questions on topic and directed to the content of the planetary leadership group only or we may not post it. If we decide not to post it, we will tell you why.
  • “Submissions Page”: We welcome constructive criticism; and those with good intentions will be heard. We will have a “Submissions Page” for those individuals who wish to aid in the establishment of benevolence and truth upon our world. We encourage you to submit well thought- out additions to our work. For those whose submissions do keep in mind our Protocols; these people may have their submissions – or parts of them – added for all to see. If our Planetary Leadersip Group consensus agrees, these submissions may be added to our final product. For those who submit articles or papers here, please understand that this site is free to everyone; and there will be no copyright to the material submitted here.
  • Volunteers Continued Self-Study: These prepared briefs will be divided into 3 phases, as the revelation of humanities origins and our extended families influence will most likely not be wise to discuss or be required in the early phases, but it will, after the mass arrest enforcement and THE EVENT. We will ask, whenever possible, that our groups approach the leaders in charge with compassion. It is important that our groups follow the Protocols at this website that have been established for contact with their communities leaders. These Protocols have been carefully selected to ensure, as far as humanly possible, that you will receive a positive reaction. We are sure, if you follow these guidelines, you will meet with success.


Justice will arrive in flash

Again, if you are not sure what we are presenting here, do not be afraid to ask, to learn, and to study. Do not act, unless your spirit is strong and you feel confident – even  if you feel good about this but still have doubts. At the time of THE EVENT, print a copy of the “Community Leaders Brief” and leave it anonymously, or give it to someone better suited, whom you feel may do a good job presenting it.

Some have seen and believe. There are others are who are blessed who have not seen and still believe. Judge this tree of knowledge by the fruit. We call for Peace, and for Love, and for Honesty on our world. By the Light of  Truth, we will have it.

Rise up now for no one but we, ourselves, can break these shackles that hold our minds in fear. Do not be paralyzed! You must act for truth now, today, this very minute! Hold in your heart the source of all that is good, and beautiful, and true. Your intent, your willful action to do good, will resonate and the universe will respond. God speed to you all!

With love and respect,

The Planetary Leadership Group

Victory of the Light!


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