Programs for Change


Programs for Change are meant to serve as catalysts for society-wide evolutionary advancement.  They are unified efforts of all PFC groups to provide model service programs for basic social needs based on collaborative principles. Drawing from the talents of all groups to create open source organizational structures, with online databases, forms and downloadable PDF documents to energize local and regional groups, the Program service package will enable these groups to organize and provide needed services to their communities wherever they are.

The Programs for Change section of the Prepare for Change website is focused on innovating basic services for the New Society, services that use all of the New Society Groups talents and abilities to solve the everyday problems of living well.  These activities require a substantial investment of time and effort by local groups coordinating with global standards and guidance. They lead to the creation of institutional organizations that are intended to remain and grow on their own without further inputs from PFC.

Volunteers working through the website can turn these New Society initiatives into working concept packages for local action groups to build on with their own funding, staff and contractual commitments from their communities. The website database will eventually roll out into a new and independent website focused on its Program, after which the links on PFC will lead to that program.

The world around us is about to change. We have the opportunity to create new ways of doing things, important things that will grow into the basic services of a better world. Knowing this, we are here to lay new foundations upon which the New Society can grow and all people can prosper and be the Galactic beings they were born to be.

The Prepare for Change volunteer network is made of people from all over the planet who realize that we must take responsibility for ourselves, that the “leadership” of society has been highjacked by a small elite who have directed everything that money can buy toward the accomplishment of their very self-serving goals. This is why we are a volunteer network using open source technology, for it is only through the dedication of honorable men and women that the ambitions of the self-serving can be deterred. We take pride in building upon one another’s work to create functional solutions for all the people of the planet, and that it is important that all of these efforts will evolve from the foundation of committed PFC members. Take a look at the Programs listed here and see if you would like to become involved.

The Humanitarian Project Funding Program  The expected change in the way the monetary system works will create the opportunity for new ways of doing business to emerge. At the forefront of this is a commitment by the organizers of the new financial system to fund Humanitarian Projects that help bring the planetary population to a more uniform level of prosperity by investing in housing, health and education. These goals require a substantial commitment of time and energy by all who seek to fulfill them. The social entreprenuers who have the drive and passion to initiate and administer these efforts will need assistance to develop the presentations and professional relationships to succeed. The PFC Humanitarian Funding Program will focus on creating a cadre of men and women able to assist these committed individuals to achieve their humanitarian goals. A big part of this assistance will be creating online resources available through this site or related sites.  PFC has already developed committed funding sources that will need proper paperwork before proceeding, but more than paperwork is the personal, social and professional resources needed to succeed. How we can meet these demands and grow quickly after the change is our challenge. If you have the skills to assist local groups to create working budgets to accomplish their goals Please volunteer for the Funding Assistance Team

The Global Communities Design Program This Program addresses the integration of new technologies and philosophies into the daily lifestyles of everyone living on Earth. One approach under consideration is to create twelve channels of needed design services so communities can choose what works best for them. The concept of “modularity” makes sense here, with each of the channel technologies fitting with the others in a mix and match fashion.

The release of our societies on Earth from the control matrix of banking, energy, petrochemicals and pharmaceutical health care will create a need for lifestyles allowing people to remain in their neighborhoods and use their time and effort to have fulfilling lives within walking distance of their homes. In this new society, travel will be optional rather than required.  The role of PFC in bringing about this new lifestyle is extrapolated from our emphasis on communities of mind using the Internet to create technical alignments that can get things done.  In this case an alignment of philosophy with technical competence, to connect people capable of creating a layered design for community services based on the new technologies is the advantage and reason for our involvement.  If  participating in the creation of new communities feels right for you, please join the discussion.

The Nature Restoration Program involves creating alignments of interest groups around specified parts of nature. The primary effort is to identify sources of volunteers that can return to the same location in nature twice a year to provide a group of services such as monitoring, reporting, repair of fences, catchments, nesting areas and to assure the ability of the natural environment to persevere in the face of encroachment from feral animals and invasive species. Church groups, school clubs, boy scout troops, ongoing youth programs from all parts of society are candidates to provide this volunteer work.   The land holders will vary, but ranches, public parks, state agencies and national organizations such as the Bureau of Land Management (for the US) or similar for other countries and other private groups are probable sources of sites to be regularly maintained. Also involved will be resources of expertise and materials such as wildlife management agencies, state departments of fisheries, and others dedicated to parts of the natural environment.  One of the key roles to this program is to unite thee various groups around solving a particular site’s environmental and ecological problems. The reason this will be successful is that it creates win-win propositions for all involved, since most of the sites will be acknowledged to need help, but lack of money and organization will be cited as the reason for inaction. This program can use what is available from many interested parties to create a whole solution. And it begins with gathering information around a proposed solution, which is something we can do. If high level professional networking on behalf of the natural environment is what you would like to do, please Volunteer to be a Nature Restorer Contact,

The MetaChild Program is for children. As our global societies have moved from the land and into industrialized cities the art of raising children has suffered from the loss of the natural environment where children could run and play without fear or close supervision. In our overly managed world we see that children are entering school lacking the neurodevelopment to function in an educational environment. The school systems find themselves working with children that cannot process information auditorially, verbally, or visually, cannot sit still or attend to doing the work that is asked of them. While many people want to blame the schools, the environment or the nutrition, the best answer is to begin by teaching parents the basics of neurodevelopment, for it is from this basic knowledge that they can understand the importance of being kind, bonding with their child, proper feeding and rest, and perhaps the most important the necessity of appropriate stimulation every single day. The emphasis of the MetaChild is on the earliest years, but the basic information that is shared provides the foundation for the rest of childhood by teaching the parents to support their child’s needs for healthy growth and development. I will publish an introduction to MetaChild as a post soon so that this important idea for a Program can be fully understood. If you understand the difference that early intervention can make for all children and would like to help, please volunteer for the MetaChild development team.

The Free Energy Engineering Program is organized around making information and training available for interested individuals worldwide, to enable them to understand all the variables involved in creating a permanent free energy installation for their home, community or business.

Neighborhood Node Wireless Independence Program is an open source project to create a software package and a hardware specification for a local wireless infrastructure capable of providing data, voice, text, and video to the neighborhood independent of Internet connectivity. While the Internet is the best way to share information, it is not wise to expect basic functions for local productivity such as local voice and file sharing to depend on the global Internet, which in emergencies could be unreliable. This program will seek to unite all universities using open source to incorporate this into their curriculum and become part of a global effort to raise the standard of living in non-urban areas. To read an article about this concept see Neighborhood Nodes: Key to Global Freedom and Prosperity

The idea of creating programs that can help our members build the new society seems obvious to us at PFC.  These are programs that our members already have the skills to accomplish, but need a framework to work within in order to be of service. Whether is is being part of a community, helping nature or supporting the healthy development of children, we are already involved in some way, so being proactive about it seems wise.